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Travel Tips

Take note of these Travel Tips: Before You Go...


· Back up important information: Copy or scan your travel documents - passport, travelers checks, identity and credit cards - front and back. Make two sets of copies. Leave one at home or with family, and tuck the second discreetly in your duffle bag. If your wallet is lost, you will have all the information and phone numbers you need.

· Alternatively, you can scan your documents and send them to your own e-mail address. In case of a problem you can access them from any business center or cybercafe.

· Secure Your Home: Cancel all newspapers, pay bills and consider what to do about the mail. You can ask your Post Office to hold it while you're away, or get someone to look after your house. Put some lights and a radio or TV on a timer. If applicable, park a car in your driveway.


· All items must fit in a medium sized duffle bag (with wheels) and a backpack. A regular roll-on suitcase is not suitable for storage on the boat.

· Tag your bags: Write a name, address, phone and e-mail in your luggage, but DO NOT put your full home address on the identification. Use your work address or just your city and a phone number.

· Wrap brightly colored electrical tape or ribbons around the handles of your checked luggage to make it easy to identify.

· Emergency contact list: Include phone numbers for insurance, credit card issuers, and relatives or friends. Put the list somewhere easy to find, like your wallet or in your passport.

· Medications: Remember, all medications and vitamins must be in their original containers when traveling overseas. You can ask your pharmacist to label small bottles with just enough medication for your trip.

· Carry your medications in your carry-on.

Packing - clothing

· Remember: All items must fit in a medium sized duffle bag (with wheels) and a backpack. A regular roll-on suitcase is not suitable for storage on the boat.

· When in doubt, leave it out! You don't need as much stuff as you think.

· Make 3 piles: necessities, almost-necessities and luxury items. Take all the necessities, one of the almost necessities and none of the luxury items. It will be all you need.

· Snorkel and Mask are provided so there is no need to purchase a pair.

· Watch (Water Resistant to at least 100m for snorkeling).

· Sea Bands or other medication to prevent sea sickness (You can purchase them at any pharmacy).

· Sport sandals that will not scuff the boat and has excellent traction. Teva's are a great example.

· Flip Flops (one pair).

· Shoes/Sandals (Dry pair for dinner and the white linen party).

· Sun Block and Insect Repellant.

· Shampoo and Conditioner.

· Lip Balm (Waterproof sun block with SPF 20 or above).

· Sun Glasses.

· Croakies (Eyewear straps that prevent sun glasses from falling in the water).

· Sailing Hat (Keeps the sun off your face and ties under the chin. Purchase your hat at sites such as West Marine Link to external website).

· Sailing Gloves (For those who want to help sail the boat. Also at West Marine Link to external website).

· Swimwear ( 4 - 5 pieces).

· Shorts, T-Shirts, Sarongs and Beach cover-ups.

· Light Sweater/Wrap/Sweatshirt with hood (doubles to keep off the rain).

· Wet Bag/Dry Bag (Waterproof bag - for camera, wallet and a beach towel. Purchase at Target Link to external website, Walmart Link to external website or West Marine Link to external website).

· Camera (Extra batteries and memory card if required).

· Cell Phone.

· CDs/iPod (The yachts come equipped with a stereo system).

· Books/Magazines.

· Extra cash for miscellaneous items (Souvenir shopping/meals and drinks off the yacht).

· Preventing Wrinkles: Place individual items of clothing in dry cleaners' plastic bags. Your clothes won't wrinkle! It sounds too easy but it really works.

· Jewelry: An inexpensive felt square with your earrings fastened through the felt and then folded keeps them secure.

· A dryer fabric softener sheet in your luggage will keep your clothes smelling fresh while you travel. Slide a dry fabric softener sheet over your hair to calm down static-electric flyaway hair.

Packing - toiletries

· Beauty products that are good for 2 or more uses are great. Elizabeth Arden's 8-hour cream works as a facial moisturizer, lip balm, hair tamer, and sunburn soother all in one. Shampoo can double up as travel wash, and those chubby make up pencils from Clinique can multi-task for lipstick, eye color, and blush. Oil of Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths are dry, and they remove makeup, cleanse, and moisturize.

· Make-up tricks: Use a stick foundation instead of a liquid - it can double as a concealer and an eye shadow base, and it won't spill in your suitcase. Invest in a good lipstick palette with a variety of colors. The palettes are small, and give you a good variety of colors for all skin tones, and cut down on the number of bulky tubes.

· Zip-lock bags - the heavier duty the better - are the best. Great for packing things that might leak, like shampoo and lotions, and handy again for dirty clothes, beach stuff and protecting papers and documents.

Useful items while traveling

· A retractable umbrella.

· A box of baby wipes and gel hand cleaner.

· Foam earplugs: You can purchase them at any pharmacy.

Packing - carry-on items

· Smokers, consider a nicotine patch or nicotine gum for a long flight.

· Always have a pen with you. You will need to fill in customs forms before landing.

Travel Insurance

· Purchase travel insurance. If you have to cancel or interrupt your trip you will be covered.

Airport Security

· Do not pre-wrap gifts to be carried onboard aircraft.

· While there are no clothing requirements for airport security, a little preparation will make the process go more smoothly. Anything with metal in it - belt buckles, jewelry, underwire bras, body piercings - will set off the alarm.

· You will be required to take off your shoes.

· There are a lot of rules but they are clearly spelled out in this government website. It includes special sections on traveling with children or if you have a medical condition. (https://www.tsa.gov/travel/travel-tips Link to external website)

In Flight

· On long flights, especially in coach, take a few minutes to get up and walk the aisles, or do a few stretches and exercises in your seat.